Stoked Beeswax Wraps (Variety Pack)

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A variety of beeswax wraps for all of your favorite snacks! Handmade by my Mom!


1 Petitie 5" x 5" Wrap - Useful for small food items and jars.

1 Small 7" x 7" Wrap - Useful for wrapping small snacks and jars.

1 Medium 10" x 10" Wrap - Useful for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, fruits and veggies.

1 Large 14" x 14" Wrap - Useful for wrapping sandwiches and covering dishes.


Product Care:

Not suitable for hot food or raw meat.

Message from my Mom:

"I’ve always loved fabrics and bright colors. Quilting has been a favorite pastime of mine. After raising a large family I felt drawn to create a business that could be self empowering, make a difference, and serve others." -Linda Reid

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