Hey there! Welcome to our website. We are a team of beekeepers and seemstresses based out of the beautiful coastal community of Homer, Alaska. Started by James Reid in 2015 with a single beehive, we now operate around 150 beehives among southcentral Alaska’s pristine subalpine meadows. We also import and sell premium Manuka Honey from our family down in New Zealand!


I named our company “Stoked” in accordance with our love for the natural world. I look to use the company as a catalyst to stoke the flames of passion and self discovery in connection to nature. Outdoor education and wilderness immersion have been a large part of my upbringing. I have found deep value in the dynamic ability that nature has to teach, heal, and inspire the best in me. Thank you for your support and interest! -James Reid






-Quality Over Quantity 

-Work Hard, Play Hard



Isabella is at the heart of everything we do, she is a great beekeeper, a talented seamstress, a great teammate, and a super hard worker! She has brought so much dedication to our team, thanks Isabella. 

“I've dreamed of working with bees for the past 6 years and now that dream is my reality, and I get to sew so it's a win all around for me. I'm beyond happy to be a part of this incredible company and team.” -Isabella



Meet Elise! With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design & Product Development from Stephens College, she has brought our sewing to a whole new level with her talent and creativity. 

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a supportive team of genuine people who share a passion for sustainable growth and respect for our planet. There’s nowhere I’d rather be in the world and nothing I’d rather be doing than what I’m doing at this present moment!” -Elise


As our scope and abilities develop along this stellar journey, we’re Stoked to be able to provide Premium Alaskan honey, quality experiences, and innovative products to our human hive! On behalf of the Stoked team we would like to express our gratitude for the continued support and encouragement from our community in Alaska and Pacific Northwest! 

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