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The SUPER STOKED package is for the beekeeper who needs more flexibility. Upon  committing to package we will pair you with 2 other beekeepers who help manage your beehive. This will be a HIVE-SHARE. Upon purchase you will own 33% of this beehive. You split the honey crop 3 ways at the end of the season. If one of your hive share members wants to buy your 33% at the end of the season he or she can if agreed upon. The value of the equipment and the bees is just under $700.00. 33% (your share) of that value is $231.00. This option will offer flexibility and allow you to get involved as it suits you. If none of you can make a hive check, our team will take care of your beehive for that check.

This hive will be remain at the neutral location of our bee farm here in Homer unless otherwise agreed upon by your team. Beekeeping is an amazing experience! This is an awesome low consequence option for those of you who cannot commit fully but still want to be involved and responsible for these lovely critters. You will get to enjoy the awesome rewards of bee farming while avoiding some of the risks. 

This course will go from April 24th - November 1st. Class will take place at the Stoked bee farm here in Homer Alaska. Class will go from 1pm-3pm on every other Sunday starting May 1st. Tea and espresso will be provided! We advise participants to attend the classes in person but there will be a virtual option for those who cannot make it.


  • 2 - 6 5/8 supers, 2 deeps assembled and painted
  • 40 - 6 1/4 inch grooved top bar frames, assembled
  • 40 - sheets plastic based foundation
  • 1 - bottom board, assembled and painted
  • 1 - Telescoping metal cover, assembled and painted
  • 1 - Inner cover
  • 1 - reversible entrance reducer
  • 1 - metal queen excluder
  • 1 - frame feeder
  • 1 - all purpose hive tool
  • 1 - bee brush
  • 1 - bee smoker to calm bees
  • 4 lbs of bees 
  • 1  Carniolan Queen bee 
  • Use our $12,000 commercial honey extraction equipment
  • Access to our wintering facility to keep your bees through the winter
  • All the stoke and encouragement you could ever want ;) 
  • Phone coaching 

12 hands on classes:

1. April 24th (Meet the Bees) 

2. May 8th (Spring check, Bee anatomy, Colony structure)

3. May 22nd (Dandelions, cluster development, nectar flows 101)

4. June 5th (The Doldrums)

5. June 19th (Swarm control 101)

6. July 3rd (FIREWEED BLOOM, Queen management)

7. July 17th (Intro to the honey, How to optimize your crop)

8. July 31st (Queen excluders, Honey pull, TIMING)

9. August 14 ( THE HARVEST!)

10. August 28th (Honey processing, Winter prep, Feeding)

11. Sept 11th ( Post harvest moves, Wintering strategies)

12. Sept 25th (Making weight, Colony contraction, Winter prep/ storage)

6 VIRTUAL CLASSES: (Release Date) TItle 

1. (May 15th) Meet the Bees

2. (June 15th) Spring check/ Intro to honey production

3.  (July 15th) Bloom targeting/ Swarm control

4. (August 15th) Honey harvest/ Honey processing 

5. (September 15th) Post harvest check/ Winter prep

6. (October 15th) Wintering strategies

In these classes we will teach you everything we know from the basics to optimizing honey production to effective wintering strategies. You will even have the option to use our state of the art wintering facility to keep your bees through the winter. On a good year with the right preparation we can expect an %75 success rate overwintering your bees. 

After keeping 100+ beehives in Alaska for the last 6 years we have learned a thing or two about what to do, and what not to do with bees here in Alaska. It can be a little daunting to start keeping bees up here up here. Let us share with you our experience and best practices. Learn from our mistakes, not yours!

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