Radical Alaskan Wildflower Honey - 24 oz

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For the honey consumer, our Radical Wildflower comes in pints! Described as a "DELICIOUS” honey with a warm and full-bodied flavor, it boasts a large variety of Alaskan florals from clover and geranium, to wild rose, lupine, yarrow, and more. It is our golden Alaskan summer in a jar!

Use as a sweetener in baked goods, drizzle on oatmeal, muffins, pair with cheese or use in a glaze for meats. Pair with sweet and savories alike, or take it by the spoonful! 

Tasting Notes: floral, full-bodied, pungent, complex, butterscotch

---Note--- Your honey may arrive crystalized, a natural form of raw honey. Learn More

*On some years we will source honey from other beekeepers in our local area to keep our wildflower honey in stock. 

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