Epic Alaskan Pollen, Early Summer

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Wild Rose Pollen foraged by our honeybees in Alaska in early summer! Use in smoothies, on granola, as a colorful topping on hot or cold cereals, or by the spoonful to manage seasonal allergies.

This pollen was foraged in early summer and contains pollen primarily from:

Wild Rose, Labrador Tea, Willow, Spruce

 Tasting Notes: delicate, mildly sweet, long lasting flavor with dry bitter finish, potpourri

*Must Keep Frozen

*Warning: Consuming pollen may cause a serious allergic reaction. It is recommended to start small and work up to larger servings to monitor tolerance. For example: Start by consuming 10 granules and increase to 1 tablespoon over time. Consult your doctor before use.

Please enjoy by June 1, 2020

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