Epic Alaskan Pollen, Late Summer

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Fireweed Pollen foraged by our honeybees in Alaska! Use in smoothies, on granola, as a colorful topping on hot or cold cereals, or by the spoonful to manage seasonal allergies. Yes, fireweed pollen has an amazing steel blue color! 


This pollen was foraged in late summer and contains pollen primarily from: Fireweed, Goldenrod, Dandelion, Purple Clover


Tasting Notes: blueberry, tangy, tart, woody

*Must Keep Frozen*

*Warning: Consuming pollen may cause a serious allergic reaction. It is recommended to start small and work up to larger servings to monitor tolerance. For example: Start by consuming 10 granules and increase to 1 tablespoon over time. Consult your doctor before use.

Please enjoy by June 1, 2020